A private spa space with only 2 rooms, overlooking the beautiful, clear, blue Seto Inland Sea and its islands.
We’ve customized “ALL THAT SPA” treatments with our original products filled with Setouchi’s natural treasures such as yuzu, tangerine and pomelo.
Enjoy the bliss of our all-hand spa treatments at this lavish, private space.



Holistic Body Massage

Enjoy this “ALL THAT SPA” original massage with creams and oils that take full advantages of Japan’s natural ingredients.
Choose from our 3 scents, and give in your senses and thoughts to the magic created by your therapist’s choice of massage, optimal for your needs and preferences.

60 min. at JPY 15,400 (tax included)
90 min. at JPY 22,000 (tax included)


Original Facial Massage

The “ALL THAT SPA” original facial care products are infused with elements from Japanese botanics such as cherry-blossom essence and rice ceramide, which are full of antioxidant and anti-glycation effects.
With these products, our “Original Facial Massage”delivers superb anti-aging results.

60 min. at JPY 17,600 (tax included)


Body & Facial Care Package

This is a lavish set of a body massage and a facial skin care treatment, for you to relax and rejuvenate from head to toe. At the start of the session, inform your therapist your preferences and we will perform the optimal treatment.

90 min. at JPY 24,200 (tax included)
120 min. at JPY 33,000 (tax included)


Close your eyes, unwind and awaken your senses with our herb balls and foot bath filled with Setouchi citrus fruit essence, and take in every aspect of our Setouchi “ALL THAT SPA” experience.

90 min. at JPY 24,200 (tax included)


An extra 30 minutes with any of the items below will enhance and bring your “ALL THAT SPA” experience to an entirely new level.

Setouchi Herb Balls
Our original herb balls are made with tangerines, lemons and lemongrass grown and harvested in Setouchi. Feel the warmth of the steamed herb balls on your skin, while the natural essence of Setouchi citrus in them helps boost your metabolism and melt your stress away.

Detoxifying Hot Mask
Full of healthy minerals from seaweed and sea mud, our hot mask gently warms the soles of your feet and helps detox your entire body.

Hot Stones
When stroked along your body, heated stones relax your muscles, and improve blood circulation, while they gently and deeply warm your body and soul.

Cool-Down Mask for Legs
The soothing coolness of this mask reduces swelling and strain in your legs.

30 min. at JPY 6,600 (tax included)


Frequently asked questions about our SPA


Special accommodation packages are available that include lodging and SPA treatments.
Guests staying under other accommodation packages can make SPA reservations at an additional fee.
Our SPA welcomes visitors without overnight stay.
We suggest making reservations in advance as there is a limited number of beds.