Setouchi Retrea, designed by Tadao Ando, offers a unique and immersive experience where architecture, light, the scenic views of the Seto Inland Sea, cuisine, and contemporary minimal art converge. This retreat exemplifies a harmonious blend of natural beauty and artistic expression, providing guests with a singular enjoyment and appreciation for both art and nature. The integration of minimalist art by contemporary artists further enhances the serene and contemplative atmosphere of this luxurious destination, making it not just a stay but a culturally enriching experience.


Born in Boston on May 12, 1936, Frank Stella is one of the artists representing Minimalist abstract painting in post-war America. A painter and sculptor, his early works featured simple stripes and symmetrical patterns. From the 1980s onwards, he began creating dynamic works that defy categorization as either paintings or sculptures, characterized by various colors, twisted planes, and forms that burst beyond the two-dimensional frame.

Rieko Kawabe

The Japan Art Club and Nipponya Workshop are led by a calligrapher and artist. These initiatives focus on disseminating Japanese culture. The Japan Art Club, a members-only organization, was established as part of this cultural enlightenment mission. Since 1990, the Nipponya Workshop has been promoting Japanese craftsmanship and materials. In 2004, the Gaigei Japan Cultural Exchange Foundation was launched to foster international cultural exchanges and organize workshops for children.

Yutaka Ono

Born in 1981 in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, he is a landscape artist, plant space producer, and “shoyoshi” (a master in the art of plant and garden arrangement). He works on gardens, landscapes, mountain restoration, spatial presentation using plants, and plant art. His planting designs are based on natural principles, expressing the mythological and cultural aspects of the land. He continuously creates spaces that interlink homes, gardens, towns, and mountains, aiming for environments where not only humans but also other life forms can coexist.


He is a graffiti artist who specializes in unique lettering with a sense of dynamism and vitality, influenced by calligraphy. After participating in Japan’s first major graffiti exhibition “X-COLOR” in 2005, he expanded his activities and has been invited to over 10 countries, including the USA, Germany, and France. He is the representative of “dimlight,” a graffiti shop and art studio.

Maria Mitsumori

A Japanese painter who creates pigments from scratch, finely grinding raw materials like minerals and rocks using tools like a stone mill. Having spent about half of his life abroad, his work expresses a world that transcends borders and where diverse entities coexist in their natural state. While inheriting the tradition of Japanese painting, he attempts to capture and visualize abstract concepts like time and emotions, which are intangible in the physical sense, at a higher dimension.


The art project “BANANA X,” which utilizes NFTs, is inspired by “Comedian,” a banana taped to a wall at Art Basel Miami in 2019. This simple piece, a “banana taped to a wall,” sold for $120,000, sparking the idea for this project. “BANANA X” parallels the current NFT movement with “Comedian,” and is designed to allow participants to engage as stakeholders through NFTs.

Takahiro Mizukami

Graduated from Musashino Art University in 1965. Went to Paris as a student in 1980, and in 1982, passed the highly competitive Maison des Artistes, an artists’ certification association. In 1990, became a member of the French Artists’ Copyright Association (A.D.A.G.P.), receiving national artist copyright qualification from the French Ministry of Culture and registered as an international artist.


French painter, born in Paris. Held first solo exhibition in Paris in 1943, building a reputation as a figurative painter. Became a founding member of the Salon de la Jeune Peinture (Young Painters’ Exhibition) in Paris in 1945. Known for a lively touch and vibrant colors, his works, including lithographs of still lifes, landscapes, and figures, are well-received.


An Osaka-born artist who started graffiti art in 1996. In 2013, they were selected as an invited artist for REDBULL’s “Americamura Street Light Art Project.” They established Sanei ART Studio in 2000, beginning their design work. Participated in FENDI’s project “F IS FOR FENDI” and MONSTER ENERGY’s project, creating a mural for snowboard medalist Ayumu Hirano at X GAMES Aspen.